A great example of how to deliver key messages to promote an active life and healthy habits for the little ones and a good reminder for the big. Easy to read with eye-catching images that will surely make our kids become part of the story. Highly recommended!
Amazon Customer2 June 2017
Brilliant book with colourful and vivid fun illustrations. I bought this for my 6 year old niece and ended up reading it when it arrived. it is presented in a fun and educational way and really makes learning about health, fitness, and nutrition fun, connecting the relationship between good health and happiness. Looking forward to part 2.
Erik8 June 2017
Fantastic book for health conscious parents like us to read to our kids. It's so important to instill good habits about food and exercise from an early age. The colourful and fun illustrations captured my son's attention immediately.
Julian29 June 2017
This is an excellent book that I'm giving to my goddaughter. It gives essential teaching to children, which is not taught in most school curriculums, on the importance of not only health but also a positive mindset. These are often topics reserved for adults, but Agnes and David break them down into simple, practical steps that children can follow, e.g. writing down three things that they are grateful for each morning. This book is an investment that pays massive dividends for a child's future.
Jack18 June 2017
The book is such a pleasure to read. The characters through they features and desires teach health and wellbeing. Every page has a message behind and there is interactive pages that my boy loves too. It creates a peaceful and warm feeling of hope and achievement throughout the pages that we both like. You can do so much with the book sometimes just looking at the pictures and understand what they are doing. Pictures are so good for the little one and my boy of 7old loved them so much. We cooked the 3 recipe from the book and enjoyed them very much . Highly recommended for people that love children's , have children's and want to give them a gift to remember. Can't wait for the second edition!
Bruna Pura1 June 2017
Lovely children's book, cool pictures, and best: a strong message. As health is not the absence of disease but being able to live life in optimal physical, emotional and mental states (and more), we have to rewire our way of thinking about health. With this book for children, you're helping your kids to start early and to make the life for them much better. It doesn't only give you info about our body, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, it also includes aspects of inner qualities such as compassion, patience, and mindfulness - a self-development book for kids.

Kids, you'll get to know little girl Agnes, who wants to learn about healthy and happy living. She starts an academy for health superheroes and saves the life of a family.
Serey26 June 2017
The book gives children the opportunity to be “Healthy Superheros.” I think most children will jump at the chance. In other words, they will learn to have a “ Strong and Healthy Body and Mind,” obtain “Knowledge and Patience,” discover “Confidence and Courage,” find “Love and Compassion,” and discipline their mind. Finally, in their quest they won’t realize that they developing a healthy lifestyle that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. All kids need to read this book!!!!!!
The Kwanzaa Coloring Book7 July 2017
This is a delightful book, filled with positive and powerful health and wellbeing messages tailored perfectly for children.

Charming, colourful and highly recommended.
Amazon Customer5 July 2017
It’s not always easy to teach children about health and the importance of eating vegetables because there’s few resources that makes things fun for the children. That’s what this book does, it presents health in such a way that is fun for the child. It’s a perfect bonding time together when reading this book to our child and explaining to him what things mean and how things work based on the narration in the book.
A motherFebruary 28 2018
The book provides a lot of wonderful pictures and I thought it would just be a short book with 20 or so pages, but I was surprised that there was more to the book than your usual children’s book. With almost 200 pages in it, you can read it to your child for several days while your child is learning a lot. It’s very interactive because our child will ask: “What’s that? What’s this?” because he sees a lot of new things in the illustrations so he gets to learn more.
Blessilla O., happy motherFebruary 28 2018
We have read this book to our 5 year old and he loves the colourful pictures! At first I thought it would be difficult to explain because he did not have the vocabulary yet, but the family discovered that a few days after we started reading, our son would already point out to his heart on his chest and say “the heart will get sick if you eat too much” whenever he notices someone in the family is overeating. This has helped our child to discover that there is something more that contributes to his health and has developed his vocabulary in a healthy way. Our son loves the superhero approach and it’s family friendly and focuses on the importance of friendship and helping a friend in need.
OliverVFebruary 28 2018
Childhood obesity is now listed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as one the most serious worldwide health challenges that face the 21st century. With 19.1% of Year 6 children declared as obese in 2015, Dr Agnes Electra Chlebinska and David W. Evans decided that they should promote a healthy lifestyle with their debut children's book series.

Book 1 in the series covers the heart.

It tells the story of Agnes and her friends who have joined together to form a special Academy for Health Superheroes which aims to train and nurture a generation of Health Superheroes.

You'll meet a whole range of different characters. Humans, animals, body organs and food characters.

Jack and his dad become firm friends with the JFM, the Junk Food Monster. Jack's father becomes ill, having developed heart problems. But fortunately the Health Superheroes are on hand to offer their support and wise advice. Can they help beat the Junk Food Monster and save Jack's father?

But the book is not merely a fantastic story with wacky and brilliant illustrations from Gilbert Monserrate. It also contains many valuable tips on healthy eating and exercise and there are a range of nutritional snack recipes that children can have a go at making for themselves. And which should also prove to be very popular with children and adults, too.

This large format book is published by Matador at £16.99 and it is such an important book that council departments and local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups should get together to ensure that a copy of this book is issued to every family with children in their area.

It also belongs on the desk of every Medical Doctor and Nutritionist in the UK, especially those that deal with obese children and in every public library in the UK.

This is probably the best way of describing this book.
Mrs Organic31 August 2017