This Programme gives you, your children and their families tools to understand how to achieve Healthy Active Lifestyles and Physical and Emotional Wellbeing.

For Schools

If you would like to change the way that your children learn, eat, exercise, socialise and perform at school, if you want to build a truly active, positive and healthy school, if you want to upscale your children and your teachers’ knowledge, then you are in the right place. With our state of the art expanding range of events, books, workbooks and online platforms. You can have access to a 21st century, modern, ground braking form of active education loaded with great images, stories and information.

Our multi-sensory programmes teach how to use our mind, body, and our emotions in the best possible way. When applied regularly, our form of education and healthy lifestyle, deliver outstanding results. Children become fitter, their IQ, emotional self - discipline and grit improve. And as a result they become more focused, they behave better, their academic performance improves and most importantly they become healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. Our goal is to allow you and your children to live a healthy, happy, successful and long life, while thriving in the 21st century. 

For Parents

Have you ever read a children’s book that makes you realise how little you actually know about the physical and mental health of your children?

Have you ever wondered how much better your child’s, and the entire family life could be if you would knew what are the most important steps to health, success and happiness?   

And have you ever read a scientific book which reads like an adventure novel but leaves you with feeling of calmness, hope and happiness? 

Well Academy For Health Superheroes is nothing like you’ve seen or read before.  After meticulous examination of facts and research from thousands of specialists in Lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, stress management, growth mindset and many others, we were finally ready to create a completely new educational and healthcare system. One which not only teaches how to become smarter, healthier and happier but also educates our children on how they can more efficiently operate their minds, emotions and their bodies.

In the 21st century, the world faces three major challenges;

  • The climate change challenge,
  • The challenge of the high technology revolution which if unprepared will leave many of our children unemployed,
  • And the challenge of obesity and chronic diseases, which will have huge impact on our children’s quality of life, financial situation and life expectancy.

Academy for Health Superheroes is a series designed to be workbooks for life, not just story books. From tips on healthy nutrition, exercise, positive psychology, growth mindset and the importance of a supportive and caring social life, and much more, our programmes cover a wide spectrum of health problems and their solutions. But the programmes are not only full of science, they are fantastic stories with wacky characters and brilliant illustrations, which children can watch, read and participate in. Do you remember all the New Year’s resolutions you couldn’t complete? Well give your child a chance to complete them all, by providing them with the right knowledge and best possible tools.

For Children

Do you know why the Health Superhero is the best superhero in the world?

Because the Health Superhero is the only hero who has the power to save the whole world from disease, sadness and loneliness!

Are you ready to join us?!

Because we really need you…the whole world needs you.

See many people look for a cure in the laboratory but the truth is that you are the cure who can transform the world, you can transform the future to healthier, happier and more successful one.