The Children’s Book With A Moral Lesson

Are you looking for a children’s book with a moral lesson? Then the Academy For Health Superheroes (or Academy of HSH) might be for you. It’s perfect if you want your child to learn about health, how the body works, the importance of social interaction, and the importance of positive mindset as early on in their life while realizing the value of friendship and family. The picture book is pleasing to the eye and you can read it to your child before bed time. It also has interactive workshops that you can do quite easily with your child. Whether you’re a parent or a guardian or a grandparent, this book will serve as a valuable resource for developing children’s morality and health consciousness.
A story of family and friendship. The first book called The Heart is a story of friendship and caring for your family. The adventure story follows superhero Agnes who is concerned because her friend’s dad became sick with heart disease. Agnes asks her heart what can she do to help? Not knowing the answer, Agnes, David, and their group of super friends from The Academy For Health Superheroes go out to learn what they can do to save their dad’s friend. They seek out and learn from six masters who teach what it takes to be healthy again. Each master teaches one core lesson. After learning the six lessons, they face against the Junk Food Monster and they help their friend’s dad and their whole family so they can live a healthy and happy life while defeating the bad influences of unhealthy habits. Throughout the book the child will learn to value friendship and family as early on in his or her life as possible, and learn the life lesson of being willing to go out of their way to help a friend or family in need. 

Start your child with the right foundations

In today’s time where children have become unhealthy, it’s best as parents to guide our children by giving them strong foundations on health, nutrition, exercise, and positive mindset. When you build strong foundations for your child, he or she will grow strong and healthy throughout his life because he has the knowledge that he needs to make the right decisions as he grows up. Teach your child to say no to junk food, fast food, and other harmful toxins that most children their age eat. They will learn the cause-and-effect of what they eat and how it affects their health in a simple, fun, and visual way.

Teaches about love and compassion, discipline, and courage. Love and compassion are important lessons that a child needs to learn to be truly happy in the long run. With compassion, one can have a heart that is content and that looks for the good in others. With discipline one can make the right decisions. And with courage, one can go out of their way to do what is right even when others do not.
Teaches your kids the importance of taking care of the environment. Pollution is one of the causes of lung diseases and even cancer, this is why our book teaches kids to take care of the environment in the book Easy Breathing, the second book in the The Academy For Health Superheroes series.
Engage all of your child’s senses to maximize learning and growth. With the book providing visually appealing pictures, they will enjoy the process of learning as you read them the book. We also provide an app that you can download on your phone to provide interaction. The book also provides activities that you can do together with your child. By appealing to all your child’s senses you can maximize the learning and retention of your child so he or she will carry these moral health lessons throughout his or her life.
Invest for your child’s future health. Your child’s health is important and that is why it’s better to teach your child prevention rather than wait for your child to be brought to the doctors, for sicknesses he should not have at such a young age, sicknesses such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and psychological and psychosocial problems. Healthcare has become more and more expensive so investing in your child’s health education today will bring you priceless dividends in the future in the form of health, moral values, and a child that values strong family ties.
Your legacy as a parent. Several of the best legacies you can leave to your child are their healthy mind, body, and emotions. It’s the discipline to make healthy and moral decisions. These are priceless treasures that will forever be with your child as he grows up and faces the challenges of the world. We won’t always be there for them all the time as parents, we can’t always monitor them when they are out in school or with their friends, but the lessons that you as the parent teach them early on in life will forever be with them to guide them with their life’s decisions.
Better than fairy tales are HEALTHY tales. While it has been a practice to read our children popular fairy tales, it is better to read your kids a story with strong moral lessons that they can carry for the rest of their life. While fairy tales are useful for teaching one or two lessons and teaching vocabulary to your kids, they are not adequate in today’s time because there are problems that are inherent in our generation such as children’s diseases that normally did not exist just decades ago.
Fills the missing piece in academic education. The Academy for Health Superheroes fills in the doughnut hole in education where nutrition, exercise, healthy living, and positive psychology is not being given a large focus in schools. Our aim for Academy For Health Superheroes is to fill this gap in education and make health a central focus. We aim to influence the future generation to live a healthier, longer, and higher quality of life.
Develops knowledge of nutrition. The book teaches healthy nutrition for children. Through pictures, we teach the children what happens to the food that we eat. We teach the children to choose healthy food over bad food. We teach the children how to avoid junk food.
Develops knowledge of exercise. The book teaches the importance of regular exercise and what happens if we fail to do so. Sedentary lifestyle leads to many diseases later on in life so it’s better to start today to make health an important focus for your child.
Develops knowledge of how the body works. By understanding what happens to our body when we take in good nutrition or bad nutrition, the children will learn the cause-and-effect and understand what unhealthy habits will do to their body.
Develops emotional intelligence. While IQ is important for success, it only contributes 20% of the success. What’s even more important for success is emotional intelligence which brings in 80% of your child’s success in the future. Building strong social relationships is a core theme in the book, which helps to develop emotional intelligence in kids and helps them deal with future challenges in life.
Teaches inner beauty rather than outer beauty. In today’s time, the focus in the media has been on the external beauty rather than the internal beauty. However, what’s truly more important are the inner beauty such as moral values, love, compassion, healthy mindset, friendship, healthy psychology, discipline, and courage. The book recognizes the value of these elements of inner beauty and teaches them to your child.
Reading to children to develop vocabulary. Children don’t have a very large vocabulary at the start however this story fits the need to develop vocabulary words perfectly because they can start learning more vocabulary that focuses on the positive and good things they need to learn. They can look at the pictures as they listen to you read the story. It is better that children develop a healthy and moral vocabulary rather than negative vocabulary from the media or from commercials. What you do today will impact your kid’s life in the future. Choosing a positive, healthy, and moral source of education for your child will be one of the best decisions a parent can make for their kids.
Serves as a valuable parenting tool. You as the parent are responsible for guiding your child. However, most of us parents will not have the time nor the energy after work to spend a lot of hours teaching our children. To add to that it can be difficult to find resources that will teach health and morality to children, let alone creating these resources on your own. That’s why we made The Academy For Health Superheroes so you no longer need to build your own resources or look for what resources you will use to teach your child. This makes it easy for parents to teach their children the values of health and morality.
Develop a positive, grateful psychology. Through the book your child will learn to be grateful. We also have a very good free guide here for parents who want to teach their children how to have a grateful personality.

A good story book series for children should teach:

• The value of family and friendship
• Knowledge of nutrition, exercise, and how the body works
• Caring for the environment
• Love and compassion
• Discipline
• Confidence and courage
• The importance of social connections
• Multi-sensory approach
• Develop their vocabulary in a healthy manner
• Help the parent leave a healthy and moral legacy for their child
• Fitter children - their IQ increases, their grit increases, their emotional self-discipline improves
• More focused children – improvement in behaviour, mental health, emotional health, academic performance
And that’s exactly what The Academy for Health Superheroes does. It’s a book with a lot of visually appealing pictures to keep your child engaged in the story spanning over 200 pages with short, large-font easy to read sentences that you can read to your child.
You can find out more about the HSH books and workbooks here.
About the authors
Childhood obesity is now listed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as one the most serious worldwide health challenges that face the 21st century. With 19.1% of Year 6 children declared as obese in 2015, Dr Agnes Electra Chlebinska and David W. Evans decided that they should promote a healthy lifestyle with their debut children’s book series.
We believe that encouraging a child to exercise, eat healthy, think positively, will help the child for a day. By teaching the child what the exercise, healthy nutrition, growth mindset and great social support do to our body, emotions and mind, will help the child forever.
More resources for your child’s learning:
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HSH Book 2 - Easy Breathing - A fantastic and engaging story that teaches your kids about how the lung functions and how the lungs also gets diseases. It also teaches children about the ecological problems that contribute to our health problems while showing the solutions that will lead to a better health and better future as the Health Superheroes travel across all continents to find a way to save a little boy who suffers with lung disease and to save the whole planet from pollution and climate change.
Healthy Junkfood Monster Cookbook - Children can now prepare tasty and healthy foods that they'll love. They taste so good your kids will be surprised!
Academy For Health Superheroes App - Our multi-sensory active learning system, allow children to absorb up to 90% of the information we teach them. It includes Books, Educations, Videos, and Recipes.
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HSH on Amazon Paperback and Kindle Books - We are also available on Amazon for paperback and kindle available internationally.

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