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Podcast 2: Teaching Your Child To Be Grateful And Having Gratitude As A Parent

In this podcast, we’ll discuss tips for teaching our children to be grateful, while developing gratitude and appreciation within our family. For us parents and guardians, we sometimes wonder how to raise grateful kids. Gratitude is an important value to teach your children, it lightens up the whole family, and it gives you the enthusiasm […]

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Podcast Episode 1: The Children’s Book With A Moral Lesson – The Academy For Health Superheroes Book 1 – The Heart

In this podcast, you will learn about how to teach your child important moral lessons of health, exercise, and nutrition. The Heart is the first book in the Academy Of Health Superheroes. It is perfect if you want your child to learn about health, how the body works, the importance of social interaction, and the importance of positive mindset as early on in their life while realizing the value of friendship and family.

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