A brilliant way to introduce kids to their bodies and all its wonderful parts, their usage, how to take care of them and most importantly what to eat and what not to eat. It’s a fun and exciting way of teaching kids, the illustrations are fun and the colors on spot, I love the six masters and their secrets and the unique way the author uses to teach these important facts. This little book is not only funny and brilliant it’s a treasure trove of a wealth of health, knowledge.

Emris Lindsay

Brilliant book with colourful and vivid fun illustrations. I bought this for my 6 year old niece and ended up reading it when it arrived. it is presented in a fun and educational way and really makes learning about health, fitness, and nutrition fun, connecting the relationship between good health and happiness. Looking forward to part 2.


A great example of how to deliver key messages to promote an active life and healthy habits for the little ones and a good reminder for the big. Easy to read with eye-catching images that will surely make our kids become part of the story. Highly recommended!

Amazon Customer

Fantastic book for health conscious parents like us to read to our kids. It's so important to instill good habits about food and exercise from an early age. The colourful and fun illustrations captured my son's attention immediately


The book is such a pleasure to read. The characters through they features and desires teach health and well-being. Every page has a message behind and there is interactive pages that my boy loves too. It creates a peaceful and warm feeling of hope and achievement throughout the pages that we both like.

Bruna Pura