Health Education, which is crucial for our children, is still not a part of our schools' curriculum!

Our books and resources will help our children stay healthy and happy. It will also allow them to become more successful in their education, career, finances and in their relationships.

The most powerful form of education is one that is fun! So we hid within great and fun fantasy stories real life problems and the best solutions for them.

With the World Health Organisation listing childhood obesity as one of the most serious global health challenges for the 21st century and 19.1% of Year 6 children categorised as obese in 2015, Dr Agnes Electra Chlebinska and David W Evans set out to promote a healthy lifestyle in their children’s book, the first in the Academy for Health Superheroes series. “Existing books on this topic do not make learning fun. To encourage children to choose a healthy lifestyle, we must make the story enjoyable,” say Agnes and David.

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